The Patriots Church
Anglican Worship in the Tradition of our Forefathers
Pastoral Message.

HAS your church left you behind by espousing theology  foreign to your values? Maybe you
have been out of church for a while, or just NOT attending a church, but would like to find a
solid church fellowship. Finding the right church is not easy. Liberalism is permeating every
part of American life and churches are falling into the same trap. Our traditional Christian
values are under attack, so one should choose his/her church carefully.

The Patriots Church is a church adhering to Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ and
the traditional ideals of our Founding Fathers.
Most of our Nation's founders were
Anglican and so are we.

We believe that what our American forefathers fought and died for must be
Over the years thousands of Americans have died defending our freedoms so we
will not ever forget. Our United States Constitution and moral principles we embrace through
our worship. Those who come to The Patriot Church are today's patriots seeking something
solid  based on the Truth of Christ.

Concerning our American civic responsibilities we support our Republican Form of
Government as the best governmental design ever created.
OUR Constitution sets
forth the proposition that we ARE a Nation of Laws under God and NOT man. In this respect we
are guided by the infallible Word of God found in the Holy Bible, and " In Him we Trust."

What's our service like? President George Washington would feel right at home in our
service as it was his form of worship. He was born an Anglican and died an Anglican, like
Patrick Henry, James Madison, George Mason and scores more of our Founders. Most of the
signers of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were Anglicans. Young
George was a frequent visitor to our area and was our House of Burgesses representative
before assuming command of the American Revolutionary Army. In Winchester  he had an

YOU do not have to be an Anglican to join us.  You may attend to worship, or just enjoy the
fellowship. Call me and let's talk.

The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson

Where do we meet?
Our Church location
is changing very
soon. Call for
information. We will
be meeting in Front

Church Mailing
The Patriots Church
PO Box 2081
Front Royal, VA

Time of Service
11am Sunday
Call for appointment
to discuss becoming a

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Service Schedule:
Scroll down for
complete schedule for
this season.

Morning Prayer
First, Third and Fifth

Holy Communion
Commonly called the
Lord's Supper
Second and Forth


Special services on
major holidays and
church feast days.

Central to our worship
are our prayers and
the Holy Communion.


For more information

The Tenets of our Faith
are contained in the
Apostle's Creed, and the
King James Holy Bible.
Our form of worship is
guided by the traditional
1928 Book of Common

Our music is traditional
from the 1940 Hymnal.
This hymn book contains
the "old time hymns" that
we  Americans love and
are accustomed to

Our Pastor is the Rev.
Larry W. Johnson who
has more than thirty
years experience as an
Anglican minister, priest
and bishop. His ministry
has been in this area of
Virginia. Before ordination
he was a Marine, farmer,
executive, and educator.
Today he is a parish
priest, bishop, family
counselor and Defense
Department endorser of
Anglican chaplains.

Pastor Johnson is active
in civic work and the past
president of the local
chapter of the Sons of the
American Revolution.

He has degrees from
Campbell University,
University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill,
N.C. State University at
Raleigh, and St. Georges
School of Theology.
A NEW independent, conservative and traditional
Anglican mission Church.
"serving God, family and country"

Our Mission
Be a church home for like minded Christians.
Teach the unchanged Faith found in the Holy Bible.
Give comfort to the broken hearted.
Provide healing for the sick of body and spirit.
Serve as a loving congregation of prayer.
Honor those who serve and have served our country
and offer all a church home.
Assist those who search to find Christ's Peace.

"In this new church members, lay readers, servers,
musicians, altar guild workers, and clergy are needed.  
Call and let's talk."
The Rt. Rev. Larry Johnson
Never Forget
Freedom is not
The Patriots Church Flag
Pastor Johnson
Our Altar
Window in US Congress
Patriots Church

    Our last service in the Middletown location will be March 8. On
    Palm Sunday, March 29, we will be in a new location. Those
    wishing to join us may call and get directions to the new venue.
    We regret this change but the owners of the building in
    Middletown are selling the building. So, March 8 will be our last
    service in the present building. We are praying and waiting on
    the Lord to direct us. We greatly appreciate the support we have
    received from Restoration Fellowship Church and especially
    their pastor, Rev. Jay Ahleman. He has helped to get started by
    providing the present building rent free. Thank you Pastor Jay!

"I will go unto the altar of God, even the God of my joy and happiness." Psalms

If you have been away from God for a long time, or are seeking a conservative
church you are invited to join us.
    We are a church devoted to serving all persons
    seeking the Anglican Way of worshipping. We have a
    special heart for veterans and their families. We
    know that many veterans are un-churched for many
    reasons. Most of our members are veterans and
    members of veteran families. If you know of veterans,
    or families members tell them about us. Our people
    understand those who have served their country and
    welcome them. Many will recognize the service as
    being one they have participated in military chapels.